811, 2023

Is that ute really exempt from FBT?


Decoding FBT Exemptions for Utes: A Tradie’s Guide

Is that ute really exempt from FBT?

FBT exemptions. Is that Ute really exempt from FBT?Recent media reports suggest the ATO may have concerns that some tradies could be taking liberties with the FBT exemption available for utes and panel vans where private use is claimed to be minimal. Utes […]

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1108, 2023

Personal Property Securities Register


Introduction to Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

Are you aware of the personal property securities register?

What is it?

The personal property securities register (more commonly known as the PPSR) is an official government register. It’s effectively a public noticeboard of *security interests in **personal property that is managed by the Registrar of Personal Property Securities.

*security interests are most commonly created when a secured party (such as a lender) takes an interest in personal property of a grantor (such […]

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908, 2023

Superannuation & Age Pension Eligibility


Superannuation & Age Pension Eligibility

Eligibility Explained – Superannuation Age Pension

Come retirement, many folks rely on a combination of their superannuation savings and the age pension in order to financially sustain them moving forward. Accordingly, a front-of-mind issue for individuals is: at what point does your level of superannuation savings and payments impact your eligibility for the age pension?

While you are underage pension age, in relation to any Centrelink payment, Centrelink do not count your or your partner’s […]

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1503, 2023

ATO Reviewing Arrangements


ATO Reviewing Arrangements where Profits Pass through an interposed Company

In February, the Commissioner released Taxpayer Alert TA 2023/1: Interposition of a holding company to access company profits tax-free.

In the Alert, the Commissioner says the ATO is currently reviewing arrangements where an individual accesses the profits of a private company in a tax-free form (that is, without an additional tax liability for the individual) by arranging for the profits to be passed to the individual through […]

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1503, 2023

Super in 2023 – from a Superannuation Standpoint


Super in 2023 – from a Superannuation Standpoint

Already rolling into March … 2023 is flying by!

From a superannuation standpoint, following are just some of the changes you can expect this year:

Super Guarantees Increase

Employers face an increase to their SG liability this year. The rate of SG will increase from 10.5% to 11% from 1 July 2023, before gradually hitting 12% on 1 July 2027 as follows:

Super Guarantee Percentage

PeriodGeneral Super Guarantee (%)
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2009, 2022

You Must Apply for a Director ID Before the 30 November Deadline


Are you a Company Director?

You must apply for a Director ID before the 30 November Deadline.

Company DirectorAll Directors of a company, registered Australian body, registered foreign company or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations are now required to obtain a Director ID.

A Director ID is a unique identifier that a Director will apply for once and keep forever, and is aimed at preventing the use of false or […]

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