1007, 2024

July Newsletter Published 10.7.2024


July Newsletter Published 10.7.2024

Our July Newsletter was sent out today – Did you receive yours?

Our July 2024 Newsletter Issue Covered

Division 293 tax. Will you be caught?

If you’re a high income earner, you may soon be asked to pay an extra 15% tax on the amount of concessional contributions that exceed the $250,000 threshold.

  • What is Division 293 tax?
    – How does Division 293 tax work?
    – Purpose of Division 293 tax
    – Liability to […]
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506, 2024

June Newsletter Published 5.6.2024


June Newsletter Published 5.6.2024

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Our June Issue Covered

Making your super last in retirement

Superannuation is often a key source of income when you retire so it’s important to ensure your investment strategy makes your retirement savings last for as long as possible.

  • Shifting investment strategy objectives
  • What investment strategy should I consider?
  • How long will my super last?
  • The last word
  • Personal […]
June Newsletter Published 5.6.20242024-06-05T12:45:03+10:00
1705, 2024

Federal Budget 2024-25


Federal Budget 2024-25

Federal Budget 2024-25 Newsletter was sent out today – Did you receive yours?

Our Federal Budget 2024-25 Issue Covered

The Federal Budget for 2024-25 was handed down on Tuesday 14 May 2024.

It contains a range of proposed measures across the areas of income tax, superannuation, tax administration and related cost of living measures.

  • Income tax measures
    – Instant asset write-off threshold of $20,000 extended
    – CGT changes for foreign residents
    – No extensions for […]
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1505, 2024

May Newsletter Published 15.5.2024


May Newsletter Published 15.5.2024

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Our May Issue Covered

Selling your home? Beware of a partial capital gains tax liability!

With the temptation for homeowners to cash in on spiralling house prices around Australia, it is important to turn your mind to whether you may only have a partial capital gains tax (CGT) main residence exemption available to you, and not a full CGT […]

May Newsletter Published 15.5.20242024-05-15T16:01:22+10:00
605, 2024

Claiming Interest Expenses for Rental Properties


Claiming Interest Expenses on Rental Properties

Interest is a common deduction claimed by taxpayers. Generally, interest is seen as being inherently deductible where it is incurred in gaining or producing assessable income.

An established factor from court cases is that the deductibility of interest depends on the purpose of and use of borrowing the principal. Interest expenses will not be deductible where money is used for a purpose that does not produce income, even if the money […]

Claiming Interest Expenses for Rental Properties2024-05-06T14:04:54+10:00
811, 2023

Is that ute really exempt from FBT?


Decoding FBT Exemptions for Utes: A Tradie’s Guide

Is that ute really exempt from FBT?

FBT exemptions. Is that Ute really exempt from FBT?Recent media reports suggest the ATO may have concerns that some tradies could be taking liberties with the FBT exemption available for utes and panel vans where private use is claimed to be minimal. Utes […]

Is that ute really exempt from FBT?2024-04-16T14:12:42+10:00
1503, 2023

ATO Reviewing Arrangements


ATO Reviewing Arrangements where Profits Pass through an interposed Company

In February, the Commissioner released Taxpayer Alert TA 2023/1: Interposition of a holding company to access company profits tax-free.

In the Alert, the Commissioner says the ATO is currently reviewing arrangements where an individual accesses the profits of a private company in a tax-free form (that is, without an additional tax liability for the individual) by arranging for the profits to be passed to the individual through […]

ATO Reviewing Arrangements2024-03-18T18:14:19+11:00
1509, 2021

September Newsletter Published 15.09.2021


September Newsletter Published 15.09.2021

Our September Newsletter was sent out today – Did you receive yours?

September 2021 Issue Covered

On the Road: How to Treat Work-related Travel and Living Away from Home Costs

  • Travel allowance versus living away from home allowance
  • SMSFs & property development Emerging risks
    – Engage an unrelated property developer
    – Undertake the development itself
    – Invest in an ungeared related unit trust or company
    – Through unrelated unit trusts
    – Collateral purposes
    – Related party […]
September Newsletter Published 15.09.20212021-09-15T11:44:50+10:00
1208, 2021

August Newsletter Published 12.08.2021


August Newsletter Published 12.08.2021

Our August Newsletter was sent out today – Did you receive yours?

August 2021 Issue Covered

What the New Your Future, Your Super Means for You

  • Capital works deductions for rental property
    – Construction expenditure that cannot be claimed
    – Required details
    – Adjustments to the CGT cost base
    – Construction expenditure that can be claimed
  • Trust losses: Keeping them in the family
    – Who is in the family?
  • Trust distributions from a discretionary trust
    – […]
August Newsletter Published 12.08.20212021-08-09T11:53:41+10:00
2007, 2021

2021-22 Lodgement Rates and Thresholds – July Information Newsletter


July Information Newsletter – 2021-22 Lodgement Rates and Thresholds Published 20.07.2021

Our July Information Newsletter was sent out today – Did you receive yours?

July 2021-22 Lodgement Rates and Thresholds Issue Covered

  • Individual tax rates
    – Individual tax rates for residents
    – 2020-21 Tax thresholds
  • 2021-22 Resident minors’ tax rate on eligible taxable income
  • Individual tax rates for non-residents
  • 2021-22 Non-resident minors’ tax rate on eligible taxable income
  • Tax Offsets
  • Corporate tax rates
  • FBT rates […]
2021-22 Lodgement Rates and Thresholds – July Information Newsletter2021-07-20T16:59:52+10:00
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