908, 2023

Superannuation & Age Pension Eligibility


Superannuation & Age Pension Eligibility

Eligibility Explained – Superannuation Age Pension

Come retirement, many folks rely on a combination of their superannuation savings and the age pension in order to financially sustain them moving forward. Accordingly, a front-of-mind issue for individuals is: at what point does your level of superannuation savings and payments impact your eligibility for the age pension?

While you are underage pension age, in relation to any Centrelink payment, Centrelink do not count your or your partner’s […]

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1503, 2023

Super in 2023 – from a Superannuation Standpoint


Super in 2023 – from a Superannuation Standpoint

Already rolling into March … 2023 is flying by!

From a superannuation standpoint, following are just some of the changes you can expect this year:

Super Guarantees Increase

Employers face an increase to their SG liability this year. The rate of SG will increase from 10.5% to 11% from 1 July 2023, before gradually hitting 12% on 1 July 2027 as follows:

Super Guarantee Percentage

PeriodGeneral Super Guarantee (%)
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1310, 2021

October Newsletter Published 13.10.2021


October Newsletter Published 13.10.2021

Our October Newsletter was sent out today – Did you receive yours?

October 2021 Issue Covered

Compensation Payments: Avoiding contribution issues

  • The implications for the fund and members
    – Knock-on effects for members
  • Home as a place of business during COVID: CGT implications
  • Inheriting rental properties jointly A dilemma?
    – CGT triggered
    – – Solution 1: A broadly written will
    – – Solution 2: Section 128-20(1)(d)
    – The solution to the problem!
  • SuperStream deadline fast […]
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