1704, 2024

April Newsletter Published 17.4.2024


April Newsletter Published 17.4.2024

Our April Newsletter was sent out today – Did you receive yours?

Our April Issue Covered

Six super strategies to consider before 30 June

With the end of financial year fast approaching, now is a great time to boost your superannuation savings and potentially save on tax. In this issue there are six superannuation strategies to consider before 30 June 2024.

  • Use the carry forward concessional contribution rules
    – Make a personal […]
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1403, 2024

March Newsletter Published 14.3.2024


March Newsletter Published 14.3.2024

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Our March Issue Covered

Stage 3 tax cuts: A tax saving opportunity?

Legislation giving effect to the government’s revised settings for the Stage 3 tax cuts has been passed by both houses of Parliament with the support of the Coalition.

  • Stage 3 tax cuts: A tax saving opportunity?
    – A permanent tax saving
    – How much can you save?
    – So, how […]
March Newsletter Published 14.3.20242024-03-04T13:30:20+11:00
1402, 2024

February Newsletter Published 14.2.2024


February Newsletter Published 14.2.2024

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Our February Issue Covered

Compensation from your bank or financial institution – is it taxable?

Unfortunately our financial institutions have not always acted as ethically as we consumers would like.

  • Tax issues when dealing with volunteers
    – WHAT […]
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1312, 2023

December Newsletter Published 13.12.2023


December Newsletter Published 13.12.2023

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Our December Issue Covered

Give yourself a Super Gift this Christmas

Give yourself the ultimate gift that doesn’t cost a thing – a super to-do list which is a gift that will benefit you now and in the future.

  • 1. Consolidate your super
  • 2. Review your investment strategy
  • 3. Make extra contributions
  • 4. Check your insurance
  • 5. Check your […]
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1511, 2023

November Newsletter Published 15.11.2023


November Newsletter Published 15.11.2023

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Our November Issue Covered

Who can I nominate as my super beneficiary?

Your superannuation death benefits must be paid to someone when you die. That somebody will usually be your estate or your nominated beneficiary (also known as your dependants).

Also in the November Newsletter?

  • Paying death benefits to your estate
    – Paying death benefits to a beneficiary/dependant
    – Definition of dependant
    – […]
November Newsletter Published 15.11.20232023-11-15T13:55:27+11:00
1110, 2023

October Newsletter Published 11.10.2023


October Newsletter Published 11.10.2023

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Our October Issue Covered

How to reduce your income tax bill using superannuation

Did you know you can reduce your income tax by making a large personal tax-deductible contribution from your take-home pay to your super? This strategy may be particularly useful if you will be earning more income this financial year or if you have sold an asset […]

October Newsletter Published 11.10.20232023-10-11T14:01:25+11:00
1309, 2023

September Newsletter Published 13.09.2023


September Newsletter Published 13.09.2023

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Our September Issue Covered

Thought of registering a trademark for your new business?

The ATO has issued a reminder around trademarks! For background, a trademark legally protects your brand and helps customers distinguish your products or services in the market from others.

Also in the September Newsletter?

  • Self-education: when is it deductible?
    – Principle 1 – the self-education maintains or improves […]
September Newsletter Published 13.09.20232023-09-13T14:46:17+10:00
808, 2023

August Newsletter Published 8.08.2023


August Newsletter Published 8.08.2023

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Our August Issue Covered

Trusts – are they still worth it?

The recent ATO crackdown on trusts will no doubt have some business owners (and even some advisors) asking themselves the question: Is this structure for business purposes still worth it?

Also in the August Newsletter?

  • Tax Time: Unexpected first-time debts
    – Asset protection
    – 50% CGT discount
    – Tax planning
    – Carry-forward losses
  • […]

August Newsletter Published 8.08.20232023-08-08T12:55:51+10:00
507, 2023

July Newsletter Published 5.07.2023


July Newsletter Published 5.07.2023

Our July Newsletter was sent out today – Did you receive yours?

Our July Issue Covered

Super guarantee increases to 11%

The increase to the superannuation guarantee (SG) rate from 1 July 2023 will see more employees (and certain contractors) entitled to additional SG contributions on their pay.

Also in the July Newsletter?

  • SG rate will continue to rise
    – Basis of SG
  • Superannuation and the right to delegate
  • Time for a […]
July Newsletter Published 5.07.20232023-07-05T12:12:38+10:00
1406, 2023

2023-2024 Budget Wrap


2023-2024 Budget Wrap

Our 2023 – 2024 Budget Wrap was sent out today – Did you receive yours?

Our 2023 – 2024 Budget Wrap Issue Covered

The 2023-24 Federal Budget was handed down on 9 May. It contains changes to business and personal taxation, superannuation, social security entitlements, as well as cost of living relief. Following are some of the headline measures, many of which are subject to enabling legislation.

So what else is in […]

2023-2024 Budget Wrap2024-03-18T18:16:26+11:00
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