Coronavirus Land Tax Relief for Landlords

Coronavirus Land Tax ReliefResidential and commercial landlords who provide tenants impacted by coronavirus with rent relief and those unable to secure a tenant because of the pandemic may be eligible for a 25% reduction on the property’s 2020 land tax via My Land Tax.

These landlords can also defer payment of their remaining 2020 land tax up to 31 March 2021 via My Land Tax, an online application that enables people to manage their land tax information quickly and easily.

For commercial landlords to be eligible, the property must be rented to a tenant with an annual turnover of up to $50 million who is also eligible for the Commonwealth Government’s JobKeeper Payment.


If your property is rented

  • Your tenant’s ability to pay their normal rent must be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • If the tenant is commercial (includes retail, office and industrial), your tenant must be:
  • Both you and your tenant must have agreed to a reduced rent.
  • The rent reduction (in dollar terms) must be at least 25% of the 2020 proportional land tax for that property.

If your property is not rented

  • The property must be available for lease/rent.
  • A tenant for the property cannot be secured because of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the Victorian Government may settle further conditions for eligibility, you can apply for coronavirus land tax relief if you meet these general criteria.

Prepare your information and evidence

If your property is tenanted

For residential and commercial property, you need to prepare information/evidence as to:

  • The lease agreement or written evidence of the arrangement existing between you and your tenant prior to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Written evidence of the rent reduction or rent waiver that has occurred as a result of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Anything else that can support your claim.

If your property is not tenanted

  • The date when the property became available for rent.
  • Description of how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted your ability to secure a tenant.
  • The advertised rental amount and date of advertisement (if applicable).
  • Copy of the property advertisement, for example via screenshot from online media or PDF (if applicable).
  • Exclusive managing and leasing authority agreement with the real estate agent or property manager (if applicable).
  • Anything else that can support your claim.

Apply via My Land Tax

Eligible landlords can apply for the land tax reduction through My Land Tax, an online application for managing your land tax, from Friday 1 May 2020.

My Land Tax link

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